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FGF inhibitors

Our discoveries- FGF inhibitors

Dobecure arises in summer 2017 as a tool to lead to the market the investigation developed all over the years from its scientific board members with the FGF inhibitors.

Based on the preclinical and clinical investigations, developed since the late 80’s, it has been developed the registration dossier of the FGF inhibitors for the treatment of both presentation means (dry and wet) of age-related macular degeneration (AMD).

Moreover, Dobecure continues with the preclinical and clinical studies in other disorders where the FGF might be involved.

Scientific Board

Dr. Pedro Cuevas

Dr. Pedro Cuevas Sánchez

Head of Investigation

Chair of Cardiology

Universidad Alfonso X el Sabio

Dr. Luis Outeriño

Dr. Luis Outeriño

Head of Ophtalmology Service Hospital Pio XII

Prof. Guillermo Giménez

Prof. Guillermo Giménez Gallego

Research Professor

Biological Investigations Centre

CESIC. – Spain

Rocío García

Rocío García Cañamaque

Clinical Research Expert

Funder – LeónResearch

Management Board

Diego Cuevas

Diego Cuevas Bourdier


Dobecure, s.l.

Alfonso García

Alfonso García Cañamaque


Dobecure, s.l.


Provide an effective and safe treatment for those diseases that can be treated with inhibitors of fibroblast growth factor (anti-FGF) particularly in the inflammation and angiogenesis processes.
Out-licence those inhibitors and the clinical results for a better distribution in the global market, while contributing to treat diseases associated with inflammation and angiogenesis which prevalence affects more than 500 million people worldwide.
Continue investigating in new potential clinical uses for the synthetic inhibitors of fibroblast growth factor (FGF)
Investigate to cure.